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Learning Manners Can Be Fun & Manners Are For Everyone!

We’re Edelaide Zenobia Mannerhausen and Katerina Eugenia Mannerhausen, but if that ties your tongue in knots, you may call us Eddy & Kit (Etiquette!) We’re British sisters who come from a long line of Mannerhausens that believe KINDNESS IS THE ROOT OF ALL GOOD MANNERS. The "seeds of kindness" that we sow, help Ambassadors of Kindness bloom and grow! We strive to do the right thing, & try to be kind... thank goodness if we make a mistake, we can rewind! 

Our interactive episodes and singalong songs are filled with “Pearls of Wisdom” to be passed down from our family to yours.  We address social awareness, manners and kindness in a hilarious, one-of-a-kind way that proves time and again, “Learning manners can be fun and manners are for everyone."

Give your child the gift of "Manners for Life", and set them up for lasting success!

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