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Create & Celebrate

Printable Activity Pages | Downloadable Lesson Plans

Jigsaw Puzzle Activity Sheet (Logo).png

Joy is all around! Collect small moments of joy & Make JOY the Big Picture!

Love List Image.png

Draw or write your favorite things about someone special.

Thank You Cards Image.png

Our FREE Heartfelt Thank You Cards Activity Pack can help start building that “attitude of gratitude!” We provide the blueprints for what to say and what to do when someone does something nice for you!

Ambassador of Kindness Promise.png

Are you ready to answer the call to kindness? Print & sign the dotted line of our Ambassador of Kindness Promise!

Color ispy image.png

I spy with my little eye...Kindness everywhere! 


Kindness Coupons redeemable every day of the year!

Mannerhausen Family Oath.png

Take the Mannerhausen Family Oath & become part of the family! 

ispy image.png

Black & White inksaver version!


Want to save some ink? Try these!

Single E & K Coloring Sheet.png

Bring The Mannerhausens to life with your own creative flair!

Printable Lyrics

Please and Thank You Lyrics.png

Download the lyrics and sing along to all of your favorite Mannerhausen Music!

12 Days of Kindness Lyrics.png

Here are a few ideas to bring Kindness into any holiday season. See if you can sing them all in one breath!

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