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We don't want to brag...

So we'll let our fans do it!


A Note of Thanks: 

Dear Edelaide and Katerina a.k.a. Eddy & Kit,

Thanks for taking the time away to teach us manners! I am convinced that "Oh, Behave" is going to be a hit!

Love, Nora, age 8


Unique, Charming, and totally entertaining for the whole family. My daughter quotes The Mannerhausens in all kinds of situations, especially in reminding us to "Be Kind!"

We sent kindness seeds far and wide with

I had a huge smile on my face the entire time and genuinely loved joining in and participating, right along with the kids! 

Even though, as an adult, I consider myself knowledgeable about manners and kindness, there were definitely moments in the show when I realized that I could be doing better in my own life and modeling better for the kids in my life. Can't wait to see what you ladies do next!


Please find a way to get this message out to more adults. Thank god you are getting it into young minds that mutual respect is cool and cruelty is not. Thank you! - from a big person


My girls can't stop singing your Mannerhausen songs! - Mom, NYC

Play it again. Play it again.  It's just so good! - Pippa, age 5


Do.Be.Do. The Mannerhausens will show you the way! -Elizabeth, age 5


The Drama Ladies are creative geniuses! The sheer joy and fun that they create for kids is nothing short of extraordinary.  My son will remember this for the rest of his life, no doubt.  I highly recommend you book them before they are too busy!

- Melody, NYC Mom


The Drama Ladies are talented, creative, fun and funny. They are entertaining for the adults, as well as for the children.  The children are given the opportunity to immerse themselves into a situation, and interact with “people” (the Drama Ladies various characters) whom they wouldn’t otherwise meet. The characters come completely to life. The Mannerhausen Tea Party reinforces politeness and manners and is just plain fun.


- Teacher, NYC


What a delight! Just the way to teach the little ones very important lessons on how to live in this world of ours.  Just lovely.

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