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Who We Are

Hi! We’re Leah Gerstel & Megan MacKenzie Lawrence or as our students lovingly coined us… “The Drama Ladies”.

Our production company creates educational children’s content, or what we like to call “enter-train-ment”! As producers and creators of The Mannerhausens, we’ve been “the little engine that could”.  Everything you see and hear, we’ve built with a small team of experts, glue guns and elbow grease.  What began as a “Please & Thank You Tea Party'' in the classroom, evolved into a full show. “OH BEHAVE!!”  toured schools, NYC Parks & headlined Kids Comedy at the National Comedy Center, and now we're working towards becoming a live action staple like Mr. Rogers & Sesame Street.  Over the years, we’ve laughed. We’ve cried. Mostly we’ve laughed until we’ve cried, but it’s all been worth it because

We met and performed together in Point Park University productions, in Pittsburgh. We became fast friends with the realization that we worked amazingly well together sharing a creative brain, a zany sense of humor, and when it comes to learning, similar old school ideals. We have honed our unique teaching style at numerous renowned NYC institutions, and we're looking forward to helping your child succeed every step of the way! We're"homespun hip" and there's a little dose of fun drama in everything we teach. 

What We Do

Our mission is to inspire kids and families to become Ambassadors of Kindness. By highlighting the importance of manners, social awareness, respect and communication, we aim to create a positive lasting impact on a global scale. We use cutting edge ”entertrainment” so outrageously fun, it sticks. “Learning Manners Can Be Fun And Manners Are For Everyone!” Kinder Kids. Kinder World.

What We Believe

We Believe:


  • in creating a safe space for your kids that allows them to take risks, explore, and think outside the box. This helps them cultivate flexibility, creative problem solving, and adaptablity in life.

  • in cultivating interpersonal awareness & emotional intelligence during early childhood development. These are key elements in socialization and emotional learning. When your child learns to respect and "play well with others," they can celebrate diversity.

  • in never putting limits on creativity. Your kids put a unique spin on the world around them, and their confidence is boosted when their ideas are welcomed. Confident kids feel capable and empowered to speak up for what they think, feel, and believe in.

  • your kids have the capacity to understand and apply the ideas of empathy, vulnerability, and respect. These qualities are a strength, not a weakness.​

  • a true measure of success is taking pride in being a good person, not just "ladder climbing." 


  • kinder kids make a kinder world.

We Have Worked With The Following  Venues:


  • The Children’s Museum of Manhattan

  • World of Disney NYC

  • The Jewish Community Center of New York City

  • St. James Episcopal Church

  • The Episcopal School in the City of New York

  • The Pushcart Players

  • Linda Kaye’s Partymakers

  • Shadow Box Theater

  • The Museum of Natural History

  • The Central Park Zoo

  • Chautauqua Summer Enrichment Program

  • Summer Stage @ the Lucille Ball Little Theater

We Have Performed With These Fab Theater For Young Audience Companies:

  • Pittsburgh CLO

  • Disney

  • Theaterworks USA

  • Artspower

  • The Pushcart Players

  • The Pittsburgh Playhouse Jr.

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