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Happy Summer!

We're just bursting at the seams to share our exciting news!  We had ourselves a BIG adventure in manners this past Spring. Our dear friends, The Drama Ladies, wrote and produced a musicale, titled "OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens." It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?!  In the show, we teach the importance of good manners and being polite by passing on our family’s pearls of wisdom. Our Great Granny Fum and Uncle Oren always say, "Kindness is the root of all good manners."

Great Granny Fum Uncle Oren

First stop, Michigan! The students and teachers of Discovery Elementary were as warm and welcoming as "a mitten"! They joined us in songs and games, and we hear they are still talking about the importance of manners! Victory!

Next stop, the award winning Peppermint Creek Theater Co. in Lansing. They really rolled out the red carpet to welcome us! It was a thrill to see families come together to celebrate kindness and take home new ways to connect. Take a peek at our family tree below..

Last stop, New York City! Finally, we made it to Broadway!! ....a lovely little stop off the N train in Queens! How regal!

The best part about our adventure is that now we have so many new friends and fond memories! How Divoon! The Drama Ladies are looking to send us to oodles of places, so that we can share our message far and wide.  

Enjoy the rest of these warm days with your favorite people. Please remember to share your popsicles and sunscreen!  The more the merrier!

With Love and Kindness,

Eddy & Kit

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