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Happy Trailers to You!

Eureka! Our dearest friends, The Drama Ladies, have helped us to shine once more!  They've woven together the very first trailer of our musicale,  "OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens".  We just knew you'd like a cheeky sneak peek! Now, we're looking high and low, to and fro for more venues to share our message of kindness and manners with families everywhere.  Megan and Leah said that we need to do something called "Networking." We usually work without a net, but Uncle Oren says that "that's how you catch more fish." So now, without further ado, pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea, settle into your comfiest chaise lounge and enjoy a minute and a half of The Mannerhausens. 

You deserve a teaspoon of fun!



E & K

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